Hi Rebecca. I just returned from a walk in the woods in which an extension of this ritual spontaneously came forward (a "Part B," if you will to your "Part A").

I walked around waiting to be found. When I received a felt-sense of belonging (being seen by something), I collected surrounding natural materials (asking permission before picking up). At the place where I felt the sense of belonging, I constructed a "house/altar" (it looked more like a tent made out of cactus skeletons). I then put the fear from the ritual in "Part A" (the folded piece of paper I had been carrying in my pocket) into the middle of the "home." I then knelt down and picked up a handful of dirt/sand and held it in the palm of my hand. I thought about the people and things that I am most afraid to lose and spoke the person/thing followed by "___I release you." (i.e. "Mom, I release you. Journaling, I release you"). I then said, "Holly, I release you." Next I took a deep breath and blew the dust out of my hands. I then stared at the folded up fear in the middle of the "home" and used the phrase that came to me after journaling in Part A. ("You always have a home here.") and again repeated all the people and things I was afraid to lose ("Mom, you always have a home here. Journaling, you always have a home here. Holly, you always have a home here"). I then said: "I belong. You belong. We belong. Together." I then stood up and stomped down/destroyed the home/altar. I went for a slow walk, murmuring the line "I always have a home here" and "You/We always have a home here" when I heard a bird or saw a tree that called to me.

Thanks for letting me share my Part B to your gorgeous Part A.

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This was super helpful! Thank you!!

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