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Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m an artist, my medium is ritual. I create bespoke rituals to change, enrich or level up your life.

Lucky you! I’m accepting new clients now so drop me an email if you’d like to work together (hello@rebeccaonpaper.com). Or read on to find out more about my practice.

If you like I'll guide you through one of my rituals right now. This was created for someone who wanted to find a way to sit with his fears.

I dabbled in witchcraft as a teen, atheism and skepticism as an adult. I now fight everyday to remain radically agnostic.

Rituals bind action, thought and meaning together in a transformative moment. This psychospiritual technology has the potential to take abstract concepts, dreams and ideas and make them real. By offering you an opportunity to access previously unknown aspects of yourself, ritual practice can make you a more interesting person, living a more beautiful life. It can make you real.

That’s why I do this. Because I want to live among beautiful people and I think we’ll need to be interesting to thrive in interesting times. Someone has always provided this service for human communities, we’ve been called many names. I’ll take ritualist.

I’ve never had this kind of shamanic attention devoted to such a personal area of my life. It was tremendously fun, vulnerable and insightful. Rebecca is exceptional at bringing together disparate but secretly-connected aspects of your experience to create transformational art.

The ritual significantly re-enchanted my life without the need for pre-modern regressions. In other words I legitimately have more magic in my day to day experience and my rational mind is completely on-board.

Rebecca is the real deal. Spend a few minutes with her and you'll notice that she’s conspicuously gifted at her art. Anyone who’s curious about this sort of thing would be wise to trust her guidance.

— Daniel

My ritual tools are psychology, philosophy and myth. Movement, breath and music. Plants, stones and usb cables… anything and everything you have at your disposal. I rarely ask a client to go out and buy a candle or an incense stick but I do have an affinity for dice.

My work is informed by the theory of ritual studies and the psychology that underpins it. More importantly I draw upon my own deep ritual practice and years of experimentation with and for others.

Every ritual is a piece of art co-created with my client. The rituals you find here on my substack are designed with a particular person in mind, but may be performed by anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Feel free to tip me if they work for you.

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If you would like to create art together, drop me an email (hello@rebeccaonpaper.com) and introduce yourself. Then I’ll book you in for a ninety minute consultation. We’ll connect through some simple breathing and drawing exercises and chat about your situation. I’ll attune myself to your symbolic world so I can create a ritual that speaks to you in your own mythopoetic language.

I love designing big rituals to mark important events, transformative rituals to change consciousness and simple rituals to incorporate into a regular practice.

If there’s something that you need to let go of, to fully internalise, to eradicate or embrace, to celebrate or challenge and you’ve tried everything else… Well, maybe I’m someone who can help you.

After the initial interview, I was blown away by Rebecca's insight, care and the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Not only was the ritual itself moving and impactful, but the custom preparation for it and the themes it highlighted have been tremendously fruitful. The experience is perfect for "rational mystics" who yearn for enchantment in their lives.

— Trevor

Working with Rebecca to create a ritual has been an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.  Rebecca is empathetic and easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable sharing some of the most intimate parts of your human experience. It is clear that she cares deeply about her creative process and that she truly put a lot of care and energy into creating a ritual that met my deepest needs.

After performing my ritual only two times, I have felt a shift in myself that I have been unable to access through other more classic self care methods (therapy, journalling etc.), and I am convinced that I will continue to see positive changes as time progresses.


Rebecca made me feel seen and heard. The ritual felt like it was mine because of the conversations we were able to have, the questions Rebecca asked, and her insights. 

My ritual took some work. I had to gather supplies, but that helped me commit to the process. When it came time to enact it, the preparation helped put me in the right head space. During the ritual, I could feel myself honoring parts of me that have been ignored or pushed under the rug for so, so long.

Creating ritual with Rebecca is a way of participating in writing your story. This was such a wonderful and exhilarating experience. I’ve already recommended it to friends.

— Ben

Rebecca’s bespoke rituals create a sense of timelessness and enables you to transition into a new space. From this place, you will gain the courage to move closer toward what you truly desire. Moreover, the ritual itself helps you to be more present (and less distracted with digital tools). Overall, a great experience and the level of (design) thoughtfulness by Rebecca is truly remarkable.


The process was enjoyable every step of the way and a reflective journey with Rebecca's help. I came out of it with a greater awareness of the things that inspire me and give me energy.

Rebecca presented me with a ritual that I did not hesitate to commit to because it was designed so perfectly for me. The ritual provided me a safe space to ground myself when I feel uprooted and helped created a new capacity for stability and self-assurance. It has also reconnected me with art and creativity.

— Samantha

I used one of Rebecca’s personalized rituals & guided nightly meditations recently on an adventure I had with four other women. We were celebrating this moment in our lives and this ritual was a perfect contemplation method to help guide us through that celebration.

One by one the women would come to me and tell me how much their nightly ritual meant to them. They left invigorated and even inspired… now painting, writing.  

Thank you Rebecca for your wisdom and help in creating such a wonderful experience.


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Rebecca Fox is a ritualist, artist and writer living in the south of England with her husband and cat.